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Specialized Post Surgical Breast Cancer Program

Total Breast Care

As a recent Breast Cancer Survivor you have just completed or are in the process of completing a stressful journey both physically and emotionally. You need to regain your strength back to health, so that you may regain control of your life.

The current reconstructive procedures and treatments, which range from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy have increased the survival rate and improved the cosmetics associated with Breast Cancer.

However, you may still experience the physical complications associated with these treatments. Each treatment protocol you have received has it own potential complications. The most common symptoms seen from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are fatigue, loss of motion, loss of strength and possible edema (lymphedema) of the affected extremity.

Our specialized staffs of Physicians, Certified Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Massage Therapists are all experienced in the treatment of lymphedema and the complications following Breast Cancer treatment. We are here to help develop a program of care based on your specific needs.

Complex Lymphedema Therapy Complex lymphedema therapy (CLT) or Complex decongestion physiotherapy (CDP), is a noninvasive treatment used as a rehabilitative intervention for upper and lower extremity lymphedema.

Treatment is provided in our office and consists of the following:

  • Meticulous skin and nail care
  • Cleansing, lubrication, debriding and administration of antimicrobial therapy.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage – Lymphedema therapy reduces and controls the amount of swelling in the affected limb, as well as restoring its function. The objective of this method is to redirect and enhance the flow of lymph through unharmed cutaneous lymphatics. Initial gentle massage technique or the (Vodder Method) is intended to redirect lymph and edema fluid towards adjacent functioning lymph nodes.
  • Compression therapy with bandaging and compression garments

For the prevention of any reaccumulation of excavated edema fluid and the ultrafiltration of additional fluid into the interstitial space.