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Fall Prevention

This program is designed to reduce the incidence of falls among older adults. Patients with balance dysfunction due to neurological disorders, musculoskeletal problems or the side effects of medications will also benefit from the program. Candidates for this program will first undergo a comprehensive evaluation of known risk factors that contribute to falling. These include balance, strength, gait characteristics, postural hypotension as well as a self- health assessment.Patients identified at risk will enter our program to help correct musculoskeletal deficiencies. In addition, instruction will be provided to address environmental and self imposed lifestyle risks.At the end of this 4 week program, we re-evaluate the patient, compare the improvement and make the necessary recommendations.We use a referenced standardized objective protocol to measure your outcome. If you have fallen recently or believe your are at risk, please contact our office for an evaluation. Most people can reduce their risk of falls with a combination of exercise, balance improvement techniques and simple measures to reduce fall hazards at home.