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Elderly and Exercise

It’s never too late to start exercising, and you are never too old to reap the rewards of regular physical activity. The number one activity people can do to slow down and even reverse the aging process is to exercise. Research has shown that muscle strengthening exercises can reduce the risk of falling and fracturing bones. Various studies have shown that exercise can reduce osteoarthritic pain, improve range of motion, coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes and decrease depression. There are strategies we can design for you no matter what your age or physical condition is. To safely get started, we will take a complete health history identifying any health concerns so that you follow the best possible exercise routine for your individual needs. With our team of physicians, chiropractic, occupational and physical therapists we will create a safe exercise program to address the sore joints, aches, weakness and any limitations that you feel you might be having. Being more active on a daily basis can reduce inflammation, joint stiffness and pain. The benefits of strength training can improve physical function by building muscle around joints, better supporting them and protecting them from shock and daily wear and tear. As you become older it is important to maintain flexibility (having the ability to move a joint through the full range of motion). A daily stretching routine can help improve how you function with your activities of daily living, improving posture, reducing the possibility of joint injuries, strains or sprains and maintaining muscle strength. A balanced physical activity program will be designed for you that incorporates the three types of exercise recommended by the Arthritis Foundation: flexibility/stretching exercises, strength training and aerobic exercises. It is important to begin any exercise program slowly if you are just getting started, gradually increasing the amount of days and time exercising. Let us help you to become more active and enjoy life through exercise.