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Patient Testimonials

We asked some of our patients regularly how they have achieved their goals after coming to Westbury Total Health Care for treatment. Here’s what some of them had to say:


10 years and has finally got relief

I have been going to chiropractors for over 10 years now with no success and I can easily say Dr. Fisher is a cut above the rest. I began my journey at Westbury Total Health Care 5 months ago and Dr. Fisher was knowledgeable, professional. and friendly during every visit. That coupled with the attentive and kind staff makes every appointment a more than pleasant experience. I wish I would have found the people at Westbury Total Health Care sooner! Thank you! – I.C.

Neck/shoulder pain and stiffness

“When I first came to Westbury Total Health Care in late July, I had intense pain, stiffness and tingling in my neck and shoulders and radiating down my arms, especially down the right. These symptoms made it very difficult, and in certain situations, impossible to do basic everyday things, such as tilting my head to read, sleeping, getting in and out of my car, checking blind spots over either shoulder, or sitting for long periods of time. Now, at the beginning of October - thanks to a lot of hard work and the considerably skilled application of physical therapy techniques and principles by my PT - I can do all these with relatively little or no pain. I have normal range of motion in my neck, and the neurological symptoms in my arms (and hands) are nearly gone. Thank you Westbury Total Health Care .” – B.L.

Pain after a fall

“After an unfortunate fall earlier this year, I was unable to put my foot down. Getting into bed was nearly impossible. I was even using a walker. After just 3 amazing months I’m getting into bed with ease. I even ride an exercise bike at home!” – A.P.

Hip Fracture

“I fractured my hip about 6 months before I began treatment at Westbury Total Health Care, I went to another physical therapist first, but I reached a point where I was not gaining strength. Everyone at Westbury was supportive and worked with me in a variety of treatments. I felt stronger with each visit. In 2 ½ months at Westbury, I was helped much more than I was in the previous 5 months at the other physical therapist. I highly recommend Westbury Total health Care to anyone who needs to recover from injury or surgery.” – B.P.

Shoulder pain following a car accident

“Before I came to Westbury Total Health Care both my shoulders were bothering me. I sustained many complications with my shoulders from a car accident. It was hard for me to extend my arms upward to reach for something. The muscles around my left shoulder were extremely tense and all knotted up. I was beginning to feel frustrated and hopeless because I am young, but my body didn’t feel the same and I was constantly in pain. However, once I started coming to I started to feel a lot better (even from my very first visit). I was starting to feel like my old self again physically. I am very pleased because I am pain free and I no longer have limited mobility as far as having to reach for something or simple everyday tasks that caused me pain. Thanks Westbury Total Health Care” – A.L.

Treatments resulted in increased range of motion and decreased swelling

“As a result of my treatment, both my endurance and my strength have improved. Receiving manual therapy to my scapula has increased my range of motion and decreased the swelling in my hand.” E.G.

Athlete with torn ligaments of his ankle

“I am a 17 yr old soccer player. I tore ligaments in my ankle. Before Westbury Total Health Care, I was going to a different physical therapist. I was not satisfied and I switched to Westbury. Before coming to Westbury Total Health Care, I could not run, jump, or kick a soccer ball. When my ankle was just lightly touched, there was a great amount of pain. After a few short weeks, my ankle was strengthened a great amount, I can now run and kick around a soccer ball. I am now able to kick around a 9-pound medicine ball without feeling any pain. Westbury Total Health Care helped me to start playing soccer long before I ever thought I could. Their help has let me continue playing soccer and to continue on and play in college.” – D.H.

Back and shoulder pain

“When I first came to Westbury Total Health Care Physical Therapy I had a lot of back pain and shoulder pain. As for my back problems I was not able to stand or sit without pain. I also was not able to stand up straight. I lived on pain medication.

With the therapy, I achieved relief beyond my expectations. Not only can I stand up straight, sit comfortably and walk without pain but I also no longer need to take pain relievers on a daily basis. I have also learned how to stop a spasm when it begins.

As for my shoulder, the pain was severe. I was not able to raise my arm or move it in any direction. I also could not find a comfortable position to sleep. After therapy, my shoulder is 99% better. I no longer live in pain. I have almost complete range of motion.

I definitely feel there is a difference with the type of physical therapy that is used at Westbury Total Health Care. The techniques used did stop my spasms and pain. The therapist is a gifted therapist who does not give up until he has achieved success. The atmosphere is warm and friendly from everyone who works at the office.

I have shared my experience with others and would highly recommend anyone who is in need of therapy, use Westbury Medical.” – E.E.

Foot Surgery Recovery

“By the time I came to Westbury Total Health Care Physical Therapy, it was 3 months after my bunion surgery, and 5 weeks after going to another physical therapy facility. By the time my doctor recommended me to Westbury Medical, I was very stiff, not able to walk properly, and extremely disenchanted with my progress. After 2 or 3 visits, the difference in my foot was just remarkable. As a result of my 3 months of therapy here, I am able once again to walk normally, wear many of my shoes that I could not get in, and have my foot feel normal. The care and attention I have received from Reddy-Care was exceptional.” R.S.


“For the past several months I have been suffering from sciatica. Sharp, intense pain radiated down my right leg. My pain doctor suggested anti-inflammatories and a visit to Dr Fisher. After 13 visits, the pain is much less and limited to a small area. The staff is caring, knowledgeable, and skilled. I am very impressed with their treatment regimen and the atmosphere of the treatment center.” – V.S.

ACL in active adult

“I came to Westbury Medical care for an ACL and various other problems with my knee". I was in horrible pain and very unsure if I would ever be able to do the things I did before my injury. From day one of my physical therapy, I was given the confidence and the help to be able to bring my leg back to its full strength so I could get back to work and doing what I love, playing baseball. Today I can run as if I was never hurt and I owe my success fully to Westbury Total Health Care. Thank you again." – Z.L.

Ankle is back to normal now

“Before attending physical therapy here, I had trouble jogging and running. But after 4 short weeks of various treatments and exercises here, my ankle is back to the same shape it was in before my injury, if not better. Westbury Total Health Care was very helpful.” A.T.

General Arm Pain

“In 6-8 weeks of Westbury Total Health Care Physical Therapy I’m back to full strength in my right arm. I’m no longer experiencing pain either. Before starting the therapy, I had almost no use of my right arm. My concern that I would not recuperate is over. Now I’m myself again.” – A.B.